Can someone do my nails?

Nails and Paws

First off, make sure you have enough light to see properly. Natural daylight if possible. Nail trimming for Bella is once every two months. We cut the nails 1/8 of an inch at a time. Be careful! The toenails have blood vessels and if you cut too far they bleed and of course that would hurt her.


  • Get your Shar-Pei accustomed to you handling her paws from a puppy. 
  • A weekly exam of the feet can find any issues early.
  • When you hear loud tap-tapping on the floor, it’s time for a nail cut.

Note: The dewclaw sits higher on the inside of the dog’s leg. Some Shar-Pei have these removed early in life. Bella still has her dewclaw and it isn’t a bother. It’s much more sensitive though, and takes a little coaxing to get cut.

Nail care
Nail Filing


We check Bella’s paws almost everyday. Because of her…… she can get…… so it’s important to check for………. as often as possible but especially after outdoor activities.

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