Bella’s favourite pastime


If you gathered from the pictures on this site that Bella is a bundle of energy and always on the go, sorry to break it to ya; you’re wrong! I mean, like most dogs she loves to walk, run and chase, but these activities are for moments. Like a moment in the park, a moment in the field, a moment running after a squirrel.

Bella needs her sleep. It’s a thing with these Shar-Pei. Not a bad thing mind you, but a thing. Bella sleeps a lot. Her breed needs it, that’s just how it is. It’s a bit weird because the reason for it is due to the other favourite pastime; guarding. Shar-pei stay more constantly alert than some other breeds because they’re ALWAYS on guard and that whole on duty all the time stint is tiring man. So she sleeps… A LOT.



“Could you be quiet, I’m trying to…”


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